NEGOP Files FEC Complaint Against Ben Nelson

NEGOP Files FEC Compaint Against Ben Nelson and Nebraska Democratic Party 

Coordinated Ads Constitute Illegal Spending and Mislead Nebraska Voters 

LINCOLN- The Nebraska Republican Party has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Senator Ben Nelson and the so-called Nebraska Democratic State Central Committee (NDSCC) regarding illegal spending practices between the two organizations.

The Federal Election Act of 1971, as amended, states that the maximum coordinated spending limit between a political party committee and a Nebraska Senate candidate cannot exceed $240,600.  However, according to public records the NDSCC and Ben Nelson have spent at least $458,625 in coordinated television campaign advertisements, which is a clear violation of the law.

Federal law also states that communications paid for by a political party must be clearly disclaimed; yet Senator Nelson’s campaign ad omitted the word “Democratic” from its disclaimer in an attempt to mask the ad and the real source of funding.

“In an attempt to cover-up his failed Washington record – which includes providing the 60th vote for ObamaCare and his critical support for the $825 billion stimulus – the NDSCC and Ben Nelson have engaged in a coordinated campaign that has surpassed the legal federal limit by at least $218,000,” said Nebraska Republican Party Chairman Mark Fahleson.

Despite all being paid for by the NDSCC, Senator Nelson’s four recent campaign ads identify three different sponsors:  “Promise” and “Wrong Way” state that they are paid for by the “Nebraska Democratic Party.”  “Skunk” states that it is paid for by the “Nebraska Democratic State Central Committee.”

Most egregiously, “Nelson Ad” – backed by a $219,422 NDSCC media buy (funded by the Democrats’ national campaign committee) – states that it was paid for by the “Nebraska State Central Committee” – a name that wholly omits “Democrat” from the identification and masks the ad as being sponsored by a non-partisan, or even state funded, entity.

“Nebraskans deserve to know the exact amount of illegal spending that has occurred by the NDSCC  – and that Washington dollars paid for it – and why Ben Nelson is an active participant in this blatantly illegal act,” Fahleson said.

To view a copy of the complaint, click here.